About Room 9 Media

Room 9 media is a new company formed by John Billington who has more than 24 years’ experience in producing road safety and sustainability publications, campaigns and other resources.

We have a wide range of popular resources available in our online shop on any and every aspect of road safety and other related topics. As you can see we concentrate on reaching children and young people.

We specialise in tackling tough topics in a way that is lively, eye-catching, contemporary and memorable – and often humorous and/or moving. Our work has been described by the Times Educational Supplement as ‘absorbing, colourful and deliciously funny. Children have obviously been consulted throughout the design and preparation’.

Based on solid research and a thorough understanding of your audience, we can help develop your ideas – or work from scratch to create a powerful and relevant message.

Whether the task is to produce a simple brochure, full colour magazine, educational resource or an online presence, we can help with any or every stage of the process.

Our partners include the best illustrators, designers, photographers and online ‘boffins’ who we have worked with for the last two decades!


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