Theo Walcott Interview

As England are once again eliminated from the Euros, different people have their own unique reactions – and it’s usually one of the following; disappointment, anger or glee (usually that’s the soap opera obsessives who just want the footy to be over as soon as it begins). However you feel though, it isn’t unusual to reflect upon what might have been – could we have broken out from a rigid 4-2-4? Maybe we should have gone for the opposition rather than sat back and waited? Or even deployed different players in our starting line-up. Theo Walcott caught the attention of the nation with one sublime goal and one assist during his small window of opportunity to represent his country. The following is an interview we conducted with him a couple of years ago.

Theo passed his theory test at the first time of asking, but it was only when he walked out of the test centre that the fun really began…

“I enjoyed learning to drive because after all the years watching my dad take me to training, I got the chance to do it myself”

Theo Walcott’s just your average 19 year old – he comes from Newbury, still lives with his Mum and Dad, drives a VW golf and supports Liverpool. He also plays for Arsenal and England, has a girlfriend who has appeared on the cover of ‘Hello’ and when he was transferred three years ago became the most expensive 16 year old in the history of the English game. He was even due to have a walk on part in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” but was too busy with his day job!

Theo’s driving theory test wasn’t exactly normal either. OK, so he filled in his questions and passed first time. Nothing unusual about that you might say, but the fun began when he finished and picked up his mobile. Whilst Theo was sweating over his stopping distances, it had been announced that he was in the England squad for the World Cup in Germany. Quite a shock especially as he had never even played in the Premiership.

“I was the last person to find out that I got into the World Cup squad because you had to turn your phone off and put it into a locker. I had so many text messages after the theory test, I’ve never had so many! But I didn’t have a clue why! Then my dad called and said, ‘You’re in the England squad!’ He was at the petrol station down the road and I just ran towards him – it was a great moment. “I enjoyed learning to drive because after all the years watching my dad take me to training, I got the chance to do it myself and it was a brilliant moment when I passed it first time.”

Obviously if you’re part of the England set up, and making a few quid from your Premiership wages then surely you go down the Beckham route and stuff your sizeable garage full of top notch Ferraris, Porsches and Aston Martins. So what did England’s young hero go for?

“A Golf R32 because it wasn’t flash but still what I wanted in a car and my squad number was 32 and that was the main reason really.”

This season Theo has changed squad numbers to wear the famous number 14 previously filled by Thierry Henry. So it’s just as well that he’s a down to earth calm guy who’s unaffected by superstar status. But surely having wild eyed defenders trying to kick 6 bells out of him has made him a more aggressive person. Is he an aggressive driver?

“My family would agree with me – it’s just the little things that annoy me driving, like not saying thank you and there’s always an idiot on the road that can’t drive and there’s the dangerous ones which could upset anyone. Not so much aggressive as a driver – I just get annoyed.”

So why does he think that so many guys his age crash their cars?

“I think its just down to showing off and not being experienced enough to make the right decision. I think you need to give yourself enough time and space so if you need to change your mind you still can. Keep to speed limits and be safe not showing off.”

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