The Consequences of Drink Driving

There are many risks when you get behind a wheel under the influence of alcohol – in fact, statistics show nearly one in six road deaths are drink related. This is because alcohol slows down your ability to react and makes you overconfident when you may be in life-threatening danger. Here is a story of a driver who paid the price for drink driving:

Brief story – I crashed my Volvo during the early morning. I was taken to hospital and then placed under arrest and processed at the local police station. I had to find a solicitor to represent me in court on the 4th which wasn’t easy. I was given a fine of £1,000 reduced to £750 for pleading guilty and my license revoked for 21 months.

As a professional HGV driver this was the end of my career. Into the first part of 2011 I was suffering from depression and insomnia. Life picked up in May when a new job came up, but this meant a half hour bus journey each way every day. I’ve been managing that since May, but at the beginning of the week I received a bill from Scottish Power for the electricity pole I destroyed in the crash, to the tune of £3,357. With another car to buy and a steeper insurance premium. That silly one off night will have cost me £7,500 and that’s without loss of earnings. I still have until October until I get my license back and it has been like a loss of limb.

We will be taking your stories about driving – whether it be mistakes you’ve made, humorous situations you have found yourself in and anything else you deem worthy of sharing with us!

Please submit your stories to with the email heading ‘My Story’ or something similar.

Thank you.


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